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About the Precinct

The multi-use development proudly developed by Eris Property Group known as 'The MARC', an acronym of the location of the precinct on Maude and Rivonia Corner (MARC), is situated in the Sandton CBD.

The Office space at The MARC consists of two office towers which rise along the Maude Street and Rivonia Road site boundaries respectively. The first, taller tower consists of 17 floors, providing a total of 27,000 sqm of floor space. The tower is multi-tenanted with ENS Africa occupying 12 floors, 4 floors shared by Mitsui, State, U-Systems and Elenjical. The tower still has 3513 sqm of floor space in the tower still available to let.

The second office tower consists of 12 floors, providing a total of 35,000 sqm of floor space. This tower is owned by Momentum Metropolitan Life Ltd, who "is currently looking for suitable tenants to take occupancy of the building".

The MARC offers 6.5 basement parking floors offering a total of 3 462 parking bays.

The Marc was designed and constructed to be environmentally sustainable. The development has a 5-star Green Rating, an independent standard awarded by the Green Building Council SA for the environmental sustainability of the design, construction and management of a building.

Rental Space Available

Tower 1 & 2 are multi-tenanted towers, with 90% of the space in Tower 1 occupied by ENS Africa, Strate, Mitsui, U-Systems and Elenjical. The remaining space in Tower 1 totaling 3513m2 is available to let. Tower 2 consists of 12 floors.

Lower Retail
690 m2

Upper Retail
1 013 m2

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